How To Master Your MagicStone Instrument

MagicStoneTM instruments are battery-free, combustion-free and use a simple lighter to release the pure essence of your cannabis flower.  They combine an innovative patented design with the unique thermal qualities of soapstone to
create a real-time, smokeless experience.

There are two approaches to warming your MagicStone instrument: using a torch lighter or using a soft flame lighter. The blue flame of the torch lighter is considerably hotter than the yellow soft flame, so the techniques are different.

The basic elements of a good hit are:

1. Nicely Ground Flower      2. A Clean Basket      3. A Good Flame* 

*A small torch lighter is recommended. (Alternately, a full size BIC®, or Clipper® lighter can be used.)


A small torch lighter is the ideal heat source for your MagicStone instrument, delivering pure, clean hits quickly and easily. Hold your torch about 1.5 inches above the intake and aim the jet flame directly at (but not in) the brass intake hole. Draw steadily to warm the stone oven over 3-6 seconds. As you feel the air getting warm on your tongue, remove the flame while continuing to draw cool air for a few more seconds.

To get a bigger hit, first try drawing harder and a bit longer while holding the flame at the same height above the intake. Then, if you want more, you can lower the flame slightly closer to the stone. Experiment with the height of your flame and the strength of your draw to get your perfect hit. When lighting your MagicStone instrument consecutively, each succeeding hit will be a bit easier/quicker, as the stone maintains its warmth. Hold your torch 1-1.5” above the intake and draw steadily for 3-6 sec. Remove the flame and continue to draw for 3 seconds or so. To dial in your hit, increase the strength of your draw for a stronger hit. Try raising and lowering your flame distance, but keep it above the intake.


Think of the soft flame MagicStone technique as heating on a curve. You begin drawing steadily initially to warm the stone oven and then build the strength of your draw briefly – you’ll feel the air getting warmer on your tongue – and then remove the flame while continuing to draw cool air for a few more seconds.

Experiment with how strongly you draw to warm the stone and how strongly you finish your hit, but remember – start easy and build briefly, and continue to draw strongly after you stop lighting – this is when you get your hit. Also, the flame of a BIC® (full size) can be slightly softer than the Clipper®, making it a bit easier for some users to warm their instrument initially. Or for ultimate control, we recommend our adjustable Flame lighter with push button piezo start.

Soft flame technique infographic showing how you should start your draw gently and ramp up to a powerful pull while lighting the MagicStone vaporizer to warm the oven, then continue to draw cool air strongly without the flame to get a good hit.

The entire process should take about 8 seconds. The essential idea is that you are warming the stone oven gradually over 3-6 seconds before you finish the hit by continuing to draw cool air through the warmed stone oven for 3-4 more seconds. But don’t overthink the time thing – it becomes intuitive once you feel the appropriate warm air and get a sense of how hard you want to hit it to get the result you like. It might be a little longer/harder or shorter/easier, depending on your preferred hit.

The ramp-up is for two reasons:

• It allows you to get a sense of what is required to warm the stone/air and how hard you need to draw to begin getting a vape hit.

• It allows you do this without hitting too hard initially, which could burn your flower.

It’s common for people to get what vape users call a Terp hit initially – that is a clean hit where you taste the essence but without any visible billows. Then, if you didn’t get as big of a hit as you’d like, as you begin your next one, start with a bit more strength and build to a stronger peak. After doing this and adjusting your strength a few times, you’ll get a feel for how hard you need to draw in order to get a good solid hit with billows. You’ll get a feel for the warm air and where your sweet spot is.

Warming the MagicStone Alchemy with an adjustable Flame lighter
Drawing cool air after the heat through the MagicStone Alchemy with no lighter

Just don’t light the instrument too long when you’re drawing the strongest (peak), as you’ve likely got the stone warm enough at that point, and it’s best to begin drawing in cool air to see what kind of hit you get as you’re dialing in your technique.

One last thing: When lighting your MagicStone instrument consecutively, each succeeding hit will be a bit easier/quicker, as the stone maintains its warmth. So keep that in mind.

MagicStone Odyssey diagram
Downloadable MagicStone stone vaporizer users guide.
Download User’s Guide
MagicStone Alchemy diagram


  1. Grind your flower – fluffy herb makes for good air flow.
  2. Remove the magnetic cap by lifting up and sliding off.
  3. Load the basket – fill it but don’t pack it.
  4. Place the cap back on the ring, making sure it clicks into place.
  5. Light your torch or soft flame BIC®, Clipper® or The Flame lighter.
  6. Hold the flame directly above the intake and begin drawing until you feel warm air on your tongue.
  7. For torch use, keep the flame well above the intake.
  8. For soft flame use, start easy to warm the stone and increase the strength of your draw briefly.
  9. Remove the flame, and continue drawing cool air for about 3-4 seconds more.
  10. Repeat as desired, stirring your herb with the included picks after a couple of hits.


  • Start out drawing slowly to learn how to warm the stone chamber.
  • Vary how long you light and how strong you draw for a micro or macro hit.
  • After you stop lighting, the longer you draw, the stronger the hit.
  • Consecutive hits will be easier as the stone maintains and increases its warmth.
  • Turn the cover 1/4 turn after each hit to spin the basket underneath, exposing a fresh section of basket towards the draw.
  • Slide your thumb onto the edge of the basket to hold it in place while moving the cover on and off.
  • If you’re not getting a good hit, try cleaning your basket and/or fill your lighter.
  • How often to clean your basket depends on the stickiness of your flower and the strength of hits.