How To Master Your MagicStone Instrument

The three basic elements of a good, consistent hit are:

1. A Clean Basket      2. A Good Flame      3. The Right Draw

Think of the basic MagicStone technique as heating on a curve, or ramp, where you begin drawing steadily initially to start warming the stone oven and then build the strength of your draw till you are drawing with real authority. You’ll feel the air getting warmer on your tongue, at which point you move the flame away and continue to pull cool air through the warm stone for a few more seconds.

Experiment with how strongly you finish your hit, but remember – start easy and build, and continue to draw strongly after you stop lighting. Also, the flame of a BIC® (full size) can be slightly softer than the supplied Clipper®, making it a bit easier for some users to warm their instrument.

Heating on the Curve infographic showing how you should start your draw gently and ramp up to a powerful pull while lighting the MagicStone vaporizer to warm the oven, then continue to draw cool air strongly without the flame to get a good hit.

The entire process should take about 8 seconds. The essential idea is that you are warming the stone oven gradually over 3-6 seconds before you finish the hit by continuing to draw cool air through the warmed stone oven for 3-4 more seconds. But don’t overthink the time thing – it becomes intuitive once you feel the appropriate warm air and get a sense of how hard you want to hit it to get the result you like. It might be a little longer/harder or shorter/easier, depending on your preferred hit.

The ramp-up is for two reasons:

• It allows you to get a sense of what is required to warm the stone/air and how hard you need to draw to begin getting a vape hit.

• It allows you do this without hitting too hard initially, which could burn your flower.

It’s common for people to get what vape users call a Terp hit initially – that is a clean hit where you taste the essence but without any visible billows. Then, if you didn’t get as big of a hit as you’d like, as you begin your next one, start with a bit more strength and build to a stronger peak. After doing this and adjusting your strength a few times, you’ll get a feel for how hard you need to draw in order to get a good solid hit with billows. You’ll get a feel for the warm air and where your sweet spot is.

Warming the MagicStone Alchemy with an adjustable Flame lighter
Drawing cool air after the heat through the MagicStone Alchemy with no lighter

Just don’t light the instrument too long when you’re drawing the strongest (peak), as you’ve likely got the stone warm enough at that point, and it’s best to begin drawing in cool air to see what kind of hit you get as you’re dialing in your technique.

One last thing: When lighting your MagicStone instrument consecutively, each succeeding hit will be a bit easier/quicker, as the stone maintains its warmth. So keep that in mind.

An herbal vaporizer heats dried flower to produce a vapor that releases the material’s therapeutic properties. It may use either conduction or convection heating. MagicStoneTM uses convection.

MagicStoneTM is battery-free and combustion-free (heat-not-burn). This smokeless method of enjoying your dry flower while keeping it “pipe simple” is pretty game-changing once you dial in your technique.  From a “How does it work?” standpoint, MagicStoneTM combines an innovative patented design with the unique thermal qualities of soapstone to create a real-time convection heating instrument.  And all it takes to release the CannabessenceTM of your flower, and to control the strength of each hit, is your MagicStone, a good flame and your breath.

MagicStone Odyssey diagram
Downloadable User's Guide for MagicStone Odyssey
User’s Guide Odyssey


Downloadable MagicStone Alchemy stone vaporizer users guide.
User’s Guide Alchemy
MagicStone Alchemy diagram


  1. Don’t grind your herb – just break it up/crumble by hand.
  2. Remove the magnetic cap by lifting up.
  3. Load the basket with your herbs – fill, but don’t pack it tight.
  4. Place the cap back on the ring, making sure it clicks into place.
  5. Light your butane lighter – Clipper® lighter recommended. Do not use a torch!
  6. Hold the flame directly above the Firehole and inhale, drawing easily at first until you feel warm air on your tongue.
  7. Increase the strength of your draw gradually over about 4-6 seconds.
  8. Remove the flame, but continue drawing cool air for about 3-4 more seconds without the flame. Hold and exhale.
  9. Repeat as desired, stirring your herbs with the included picks to release more terpenes after 2-3 hits.


  • Start out drawing slow and ramp it up to learn how to warm the stone chamber.
  • Vary how long you light and how strong you draw for a micro or macro hit.
  • After you stop lighting, the longer you draw, the stronger the hit.
  • Slide your thumb onto the edge of the basket to hold it in place while moving the cover on and off.
  • If you’re not getting a good hit, try cleaning your basket and/or fill your lighter.
  • How often to clean your basket depends on the stickiness of your flower.


Your MagicStone instrument is designed to last you a lifetime with very basic care and maintenance. These simple guidelines are all you’ll need to maintain its look and performance.
  • While it’s solid and durable, soapstone can be marred or broken if dropped or struck on a hard surface.
  • If you accidentally chip, scrape or mar the stone surface, depending on the extent, you can apply a bit of mineral oil and rub/buff it into the area.
  • If the overall finish of the stone wears over time, oiling and buffing will easily restore its depth and luster. Or just let it age and reveal the polished natural stone.
  • If you ever need to remove any material from the chamber (under the basket) simply remove the cap and basket and tap your Stone upside down on the palm of your hand.
  • Because your MagicStone is combustion free, there is never any build up of tar or ash to clean. So aside from occasionally running a pipe cleaner in the draw line, you really don’t need to clean your instrument much at all as far as performance is concerned. If particulate gets into the draw line and can’t be blown out, use only a soft, plush pipe cleaner like the ones supplied. Metal bristle pipe cleaners can damage the stone and create unwanted dust.
  • Alchemy users, there really isn’t much need to remove your pressure-fit mouthpiece for cleaning very often. But to do so, grasp firmly at the stem and twist while pulling. Push while twisting it into place to replace and align it. 
  • We recommend that you let the chamber age naturally. If over time you want to remove the kief that accumulates on the chamber wall, just wipe it with a small cloth or use a stirrer to scrape the wall and tap it into the palm of your hand.
  • Never put anything into the Firehole at the top or inside the chamber – you may break your instrument. If some material accidentally falls into the Firehole, just blow into the open chamber to force it out.
  • Never use a torch lighter. It won’t work, and it will damage the product.
  • Never put your MagicStone into the dishwasher – you’ll break it.


If you have experienced accidental combustion, you will want to complete this easy step to remove the smell and restore your MagicStone. 

Odyssey: Thoroughly clean the chamber inside with a little acetone (nail polish remover). Isopropyl alcohol 91% will also work, but acetone takes away the smell of smoke faster and better, and evaporates instantly, leaving no smell of its own. Alcohol takes a couple of washes and leaves a hospital smell, IMHO. 

Use caution: Acetone will also dull the carnauba finish and can remove the gold enamel on your engraving, so you don’t want to get that wet.

Fill the chamber halfway up with the acetone – don’t splash it on the outside of your stone – and swish it around gently to rinse out any of the burnt resin or ash particles. Let it sit for a minute, use a q-tip or soft pipe cleaner if needed to wipe. Then holding it upright, tilt to pour the liquid out through the draw line, taking care not to let it flow out over the top*. 

After it dries (almost instantly), check to see if there is any smoke smell remaining. If there is, just repeat the process. 

*If you do get acetone on the outside of your device, you can touch it up with a drop or two of mineral oil on a clean cloth and gently buff it.

Alchemy:  The steps are the same as above, except always remove your mouthpiece first – acetone will damage the acrylic! You can soak the mouthpiece in iso alcohol while you clean the chamber, and then just rinse with hot water and allow it to dry thoroughly before vaping.


A full sized BIC® lighter works great, but its effectiveness will reduce considerably once it loses about 80% of its fuel. We recommend a Clipper® lighter flame as a great heat source for your MagicStone. That’s because its unique flame output boosts when tipped to light, it heats the air to the perfect temperature as you draw, and because it’s refillable with very affordable butane canisters. This greatly reduces both the cost and plastic waste of traditional disposable lighters, while always providing you the optimum heat source. And the Clipper® is made of durable recyclable materials to last indefinitely.

  • Never use a butane torch with your MagicStone – you’ll break it.


 A clean basket is essential to optimal performance. We recommend  three basic approaches to keep your baskets ready to go.

Use a stirrer to scrape the kief out of your basket.

With a Stirrer

This is the fastest way to keep your basket clean between fills. Simply take a stirrer and, after emptying out the spent herb, use the stirrer to scrape the side wall and bottom of the basket to remove any built up resin. Also tapping the screen face down on a counter can help dislodge any remaining particulate.
This method is usually effective for a few or more fills, depending on the nature of your herb.
scrub your basket with a little dish soap

With a Scouring Pad

Running your empty basket under hot water and using the corner of a scouring pad with a drop of dishwashing soap to clean it is an effective way to get your basket pristine and ready for several fills. Simply paper towel it dry and get back to stoning.
Soak your baskets in rubbing alcohol to remove kief and residue.

With a Jar and Alcohol

This is a great way to always have clean baskets ready for optimum performance. Take a small container with a lid and partially fill it with Isopropyl alcohol. Then just drop your baskets into the solution as needed and give a little shake. When you want a clean basket, just remove one from the solution with a stirrer, rinse and dry and…voila.
Optimally, with a number of baskets, this is an ideal approach for regular users who would prefer to do a single rinse and dry occasionally (a 5 minute process) and get back to days/weeks of maintenance-free stoning. Our Optimum Hit Kit is made for this method.