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Lee Osborn reviews The MagicStone Alchemy @TableTopBong

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Captain Lucky:

“Yeah I had my wake n bake with my new MagicStone, and let me tell you that it’s awesome! It took me a minute to figure out how it works but WOW! I have always heard about people tasting the profiles of different strains and thought B.S. I only tasted smoke, but with this you can really taste the flavors. Coolest thing for getting baked in years.” CL☘️


“MagicStone is helping me to save money and likely my lungs!…I am over the moon with how well this piece vapes raw flower…These are one of a kind art pieces that are functional that not only do what they say they do, but perform better than expected.”  *for ANPF’s in-depth review, click here.


“so i like to use a vape for my weed & seen this @MagicStone on here as a sponser for a while & thought what a neat idea but probably works mediocre if at all, it actually works good & tastes better than my solo II does. took a few tries, but damn you can get some nice hits. Thanks @MagicStone just delivered.”


“After only one day of using this, hitting my regular pipe (habit when I wasn’t paying attention) tasted so nasty, and it isn’t even dirty.”

A recent comparison/review of the Odyssey and Alchemy from one of the most discerning vape sites,

I’ve been lucky enough to have both the original Odyssey, and now the new Alchemy, for a short while now and can offer some insight for a comparison. Let’s start with size and weight. The overall length is the same when the stem is attached to the Alchemy, but when removed it is noticeably smaller and easier to carry in a pocket or case. The heavy, solid soapstone is one of my favorite qualities for these vapes and they are very nice to hold. One of the bigger differences between the Odyssey and Alchemy is the acrylic mouthpiece. Though I am not usually a fan of such stems, it does have an old school familiarity that will certainly appeal to many.

First, there are no batteries!! If you have ever been in a situation when you could not vape because of dead batteries, then I need not say more… I also have a nice collection of lighters which have been collecting dust over the last few years given that the majority of my vapes are battery powered or plug-in. I really do enjoy using them and now they are again utilized.

For others who might not want to quit smoking but maybe are testing out the vaping waters, it makes for an easy and familiar transition. There is definitely a learning curve…but I don’t think it is a difficult one. Modulating the force you inhale and recognizing the taste and temperature shouldn’t take anyone more than a couple of bowls before they are getting good results.

As for specific differences between the Odyssey and Alchemy, well, I didn’t actually find many. They performed surprisingly similar. My Alchemy probably got slightly better results with the technique I was using, but I’m sure with a little adjustment it would be identical. 

Admittedly I have become spoiled and jaded over the last decade with so many wonderful vapes to choose from and how wonderfully they perform, and my personal collection of vapes is as diverse as possible. I enjoy many aspects of these [MS] instruments; the look, the feel, the details of the design are all part of the experience each time you use one of these works of art, and I appreciate the time and talent of those who make them…they have earned a spot in my vape rotation.

MagicStone Odyssey with MS CLipper® lighter and Magic Stash Tube. Photo by fc.t.r.e.a.m

"Odyssey" © photo by fc.t.r.e.a.m

MagicStone Alchemy photo by fc.t.r.e.a.m

"Alchemy" © photo by fc.t.r.e.a.m

From @fctream, a talented vape photographer and influencer:

“It’s been a while since i’ve got something new that delivers a new way to experience my material. Today this changed. @magicstoneus was kind enough to send me their absolutely gorgeous looking Odyssey to try out. And boy o boy i’m loving this.

The Odyssey is made completely from 1 gorgeous block of soapstone. And this makes for a very premium feeling and looking device and also a new way for heat to be stored and released to your material. Heating is easy peasy with the included Clipper®, which is also something new to me as i am used to torches.

My first sessions have been just wonderful. There is a slight learning curve, but this is aided by the maker’s very detailed included instructions. I’ve already gotten some very very terpy and 🔥 hits in the couple sessions i’ve had. Of course further exploration of the magic is required. 🙌

I am very impressed. 🙌 Never saw something like this. Very innovative, especially the use of stone.  The new Alchemy design is gorgeous. Ooooow yeaaah – I love the Emerald! 😍  Looks very very high end and natural. Love it. Big plus it works with a BIC®  lighter 🙌 You might have a game changer over here. The material is stunning.

Big thanks and 💚 to the absolutely lovely people over at @magicstoneus 🙌 go check them out .😍”

A few more comments from members at


“The thing hits like a charm, EASY light tasty hits or medium. Haven’t gone for big hits yet but the vapor has felt pretty damn cool to me so far. Tasty and smooth all the way through…LOVE this thing already, can EASILY be my daily driver at home and should always be left out in plain site, to gaze at, regardless. The Odyssey is already as highly regarded to me as my Dan Morrison Okin.”


“Can’t get blood from a stone but I can sure get some vapor! There was a nice learning curve to it but cool like a caveman -works great!”


• The material and object qualities are exceptional. I really enjoy having this vape in-hand. It feels nice and looks nice… It has an “artifactual” quality that appeals to me quite a bit. I’m guilty of getting high and just looking at things (e.g. my cats), and I love looking at this thing. The way it feels, also, is great. The heft is satisfying and the stone is smooth. The bottom of the vape underneath the flame intake warms up and gives you some nice feedback. It’s satisfying, reassuring, and approachable in a way that glass pipes – and I do like glass – just aren’t.
• It is super easy to use… it works as advertised: hit it more or less like you hit a spoon pipe, with the same lighter even. This is a gestalt thing, but it all adds up to a qualitative friendliness that I don’t think is replicated in any other flame-based vape (that I know of). It’s just so easy to use and approachable.


“Yes many vapes on the market might look similar to toking, i.e. look like a one hitter, but the process is much different. This one seems spot on, or at least as close as you can get.”


“My first attempt could not have been more pleasant. I got a wonderful terp hit followed by several nice vape hits. I probably took one too many draws and noticed a slight amount of char on a small amount of the ABV but I never noticed any combustion flavor or butane taste during my sesh. YES!!

I don’t take large gulps of whiskey and I don’t rush my sessions with certain vapes. These are meant to be admired as much as functional. I find myself studying the details of the design, enjoying the feel of the polished soapstone and the warmth it gets after the second bowl, and playing with the magnetic cap just for fun. these are what separate it from others I own which also perform amazingly.”

From r/entwives, the top women’s cannabis forum on reddit:

“This is literally the coolest thing ever and living in a not legal state makes this even better!  I’m Druidic and my mom is Wiccan so this def feeds our aesthetic!”  Entwife

“These are gorgeous!”  Entwife

“Comes with kit and lifetime warranty. Can get engraved and seems to be almost a family business vibe.”  Entwife

Recent IG, FB, & email comments from new Magic people (names abbreviated to protect the innocent):

“One tiny hard shell case, stuffed with SO MANY TREASURES. Y’all, this piece is gorgeous, the company is cool af, and look how set up for success you are! Yesterday I opened a new piece and it literally came with one q tip. One. Not all companies are created equal, and @magicstoneus is ahead of the curve.”  –marijuanamermaid585

“It’s a piece of art!  Not sure I want to get it dirty!!  LOL.” –Anita S. (Plymouth, MA)

“Your magic stone product is as beautiful as it is ingenious.”  Tim R. (Altamont, NY)

“I love smoking joints – feeling safer about this, and that is making me feel a lot better about using cannabis. It’s very important to me knowing it’s a healthier way to get and smoke weed. Plus the discreetness of it, and also it’s really low maintenance.  And there’s not as much waste, weed definitely lasts longer, I get more for my $$.”  –MaryEllen G. (Dennis, MA)

“I bought two, and with the engraving option they make a great gift!! They are beautiful! It was a special gift for my friend, brought tears.
I hit mine all the time!”  Bobby B. (Union, CT)

“Love!! It took a few times, but I definitely can use it easily and get great hits.”  Sandra B. (Cranston, RI)

“The Odyssey is working great. I am enjoying it very much. Nice quality product. Keep up the good work.”  Rick K. (Plymouth, VT)

“Started slow then drew harder. That was the key, like you said. Got great billows and great flavor from some fresh Skittles strain. Thanks again! I have found the Stone Age 🤣🤣👍🏻  Scott H. (Killington, VT)

“These are great people. I had the smallest issue with my Odyssey when I received it. I was given a personal session by Jim to ensure that I had success in using it. This is absolutely the most amazing customer service I have ever experienced and the vaporizer works great!”  Jeff M. (Brookfield, VT)

“After our detailed conversation I got that baby cooking perfectly. I appreciate the time you spent walking me thru it.”  Paul H. (Schenectady, NY)

“I really dig the Magicstone!  The perfect sort of buzz for pondering all the wonderful twists and turns life has to offer. I’ve happily tossed my glass pipe in the junk drawer.”  John C. (Granville, VT)